Top 4 Gears To Write A Research Paper- Go With The Proper Outline!

Top 4 Gears To Write A Research Paper- Go With The Proper Outline!

A research paper is a piece of academic writing written in support of a candidate. Mostly it is given by colleges/schools to its students as an assignment. On the other hand, students need to fulfill all the requirements and need to write a research paper efficiently for scoring higher. If you don’t know how to create research paper useful, it is recommended to go with a proper outline of a research paper. Here we are going to discuss the appropriate outline for research paperbesides mistakes to avoid. Paying attention to mentioned content helps you to score higher like no one another can.

Overview of outline

• Title

• Abstract

• Table of contents

• Introduction

• Methodology

• Results and discussions

• Conclusion

• Appendices



Choosing an exciting title is not an Easy task like cutting a piece of cake because more students make a mistake in it. If the title is given by the college is well best also if not, then one can get the advantage of choosing the best one. Don’t get hurry as you have sufficient time to find the new title. Go for trendy one in which other readers take more interest to read forward. If the title is boring or dull, no one will take interest to read it and move back instantly.


The more crucial part of the outline for research paper is it’s abstract. Mostly readers judge half of the report by reading its abstract only. So, it is essential for the candidates to make it useful as soon as possible. The abstract includes a summary of the entire research paper, a report in less than 200 words. To get the advice on how to make it, one can also go for examples of abstract.


This part of the research outline shows the background of the topic. As it is the starting of paragraphs, one needs to make it useful enough for making more interest. Many students take the introduction part lightly so they more of mistakes in it. You are suggested to write the introduction part when the entire research parts will complete. Just leave the introduction page and write it at the end. With this option, one can gain more knowledge about what is the background of the research paper.

In last, a user needs to cover the main body of outline for research paper including 3 paragraphs. After that, they need to end with the conclusion and appendices part in short.